16 American Bobtail Pros and Cons You Need To Know

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is an unmistakably adorable feline breed because of its rugged appearance, bobbed tails, and endearing personality. These cats are very people-oriented and want to spend most of their time interacting with their human families. 

Despite their strong preference for human interaction, they are docile and can coexist with other pets.

American Bobtails are highly clever and easy to teach, making them great companions for most people. They are also really amusing. Nonetheless, they are not particularly talkative and are generally silent.

Because of their stocky, rectangular form, American Bobtails are more muscular and athletic than most other cat breeds. Their tails are a fantastic natural adaptation. Although these tails are short, they are highly expressive so that you can detect a Bobtail’s mood from its tail language, just like any other cat. Another exciting aspect about Bobtail tails is that no two American Bobtail tails are alike. The American Bobtail matures slowly, taking up to three years to reach adulthood, with females being smaller than males.

Owning an American Bobtail is a considerable responsibility. Before buying an American Bobtail, you must consider the American Bobtail Pros and Cons to make a well-advised decision. This also applies if you plan to adopt an American Bobtail.

Below are 16 American Bobtail Pros and Cons you need to check!

8 American Bobtail Pros

Pro #1: American Bobtail Cats are intelligent

16 American Bobtail Pros and Cons You Need To Know

Despite its rugged appearance, the American Bobtail is a refined cat. They are kind and affectionate toward their family and have above-average intelligence for a domestic cat. Bobtails can be goofballs in their attempts to entertain you. Most Bobtail owners describe their cats as resembling dogs. This is because they will greet you and any visitors to your home.

Though Bobtails love to spend most of their time curled on your lap, they can survive independently. Furthermore, they are pretty relaxed. They will only communicate what is necessary. The flexibility of the American Bobtail cat breed, on the other hand, makes it the best cat breed. These cats get along just ideally in almost any scenario.

Pro #2: American Bobtail Cats are great for families

American Bobtails are loving and make excellent family cats. The American Bobtail is an affectionate cat that is ideal for families. They enjoy being around people and other pets and have a lot of love and energy to give. They have a great appearance to go along with their attractive attitude.

Families will enjoy American Bobtails. They are friendly, affectionate, and enjoy playing. Furthermore, they do not have a mean streak. Therefore youngsters are safe with them. However, for the cat’s sake, ensure you teach your children how to handle the cat properly.

Pro #3: American Bobtail Cats get along with other pets

The American Bobtail is a gregarious cat who gets along well with other animals. However, it takes time to trust others because it is still a feline. As a result, gradually introduce them to other pets in controlled conditions so that they can learn to get along.

This laid-back and friendly breed of interactive cats gets along well with most canine breeds and is happy to meet new people.

Pro #4: American Bobtail Cats have a straightforward diet

Cats, unlike dogs, are obligate natural carnivores, which means they must eat almost solely meat to thrive. As a result, when shopping for Bobtail food, be sure the first ingredient is animal protein. An adult American Bobtail’s diet should include at least 26% high-quality animal-based protein. Kittens, who are still growing, require at least 30% protein.

When shopping for Bobtail cat food, thoroughly read the label. The label should clearly state the protein and fat levels and their sources. Products with ambiguous labeling should be avoided. Experts prefer wet cat food over dry cat food. Because wet foods contain fewer calories, you can feed your cat somewhat larger servings. This helps you control the cat’s appetite, eliminating the desire for between-meal snacking, which generally leads to overfeeding and obesity.

Another factor to consider while selecting cat food is the omega acid level. Choose foods high in omega acids to help maintain your pet’s skin and coat healthy.

Pro #5: American Bobtail Cats love the outdoors

American Bobtails are an active breed. As a result, you must offer them an outlet for releasing that energy so that they can not only stay in shape but also avoid developing negative behaviors.

Fortunately, Bobtails are considerably easier to exercise than most cat breeds due to their propensity to engage with humans. The American Bobtail, like dogs, enjoys going on walks. As a result, begin leash training them as soon as possible so that they are comfortable wearing one.

Pro #6: American Bobtail Cats are relatively easy to train

American Bobtails are much easier to train than most other cats due to their superior intelligence and willingness to please. However, when it comes to leash training, it is better to begin teaching them while they are still kittens when they can easily be trained to walk on a leash so they can go for walks with their human companions.

American Bobtail Cats enjoy playing activities that stretch our minds and help us develop. Bobtails won’t cause trouble with litter box training as they are adaptable and hygienic.

Pro #7: American Bobtail Cats easy to groom

The American Bobtail requires less care than other cats due to its short coat. Brushing them once a week should help them shed and keep a healthy coat of fur.

Make sure to cut their nails at least once a month since lengthy claws might make it difficult for them to walk comfortably. Similarly, ensure your cat has a scratching post in the house so it may naturally trim its nails. Clean their ears every few weeks since they are a breeding ground for infections. Dab the inside of the ear gently with a piece of cotton wool dipped in a cat cleaner solution.

Pro #8: American Bobtail Cats are powerful-looking

The appearance of the American bobtail breed varies, but it generally has a relatively robust, solid frame that is highly muscled and powerful-looking. It has a big head, big eyes, and big ears.

The most noticeable trait of this cat is its small tail, which can range in length from below an inch to a few inches. According to the breed standard, the seat should be long enough to be visible over the back when held straight up. The fur on a cat can be short and thick or long and ragged. It should be dark or gray, with tabby-like stripes like a wild lynx or bobcat.

8 American Bobtail Cons

Con #1: American Bobtail Cats are Expensive

A pure American Bobtail costs between $600 and $1,000, depending on the breeder. However, you should be aware that American Bobtails are among the rarest breeds. Because of this, locating a healthy, pure American Bobtail can take much work. Reputable bobtail breeders take much work to come by.

Your first step in acquiring a Bobtail should be to choose a reliable breeder. A reputable breeder will supply you with health certificates for both the kitten and its parents. They will also allow you to see the mother and the kittens interact with her.

Con #2: American Bobtail Cats need more significant food portions

The American Bobcat is one of the giant domestic cat breeds. As a result, this kitten requires slightly more food than the ordinary cat. Experts advise feeding your Bobtail an ounce of high-quality wet cat food per pound of body weight every day. This involves providing Bobtails between 8 and 13 ounces of food per day.

However, when measuring your pet’s portions, keep their degree of activity in mind. Because indoor cats are less active than outside cats, they should eat less. Another element to consider is age. Older cats require fewer calories than younger cats. To prevent guesswork, consult your veterinarian about developing an appropriate diet plan for your pet.

Con #3: American Bobtail Cats are prone to obesity

Giving American Bobtail Cats excessive treats can lead them to severe obesity. Most individuals offer their Bobtail treats to show appreciation for their pet’s attention. However, feeding them lots of daily treats may cause more harm than good because it promotes weight growth. 

Obesity significantly shortens a cat’s life while increasing susceptibility to ailments such as liver disease, diabetes, lameness, urinary issues, and arthritis. To prevent this, feed treats and snacks in moderation.

Con #4: American Bobtail Cats eat throughout the day

Bobtails, like many felines, prefer to consume small meals throughout the day. While this is the most incredible way for any animal to eat, you may only sometimes be able to provide them with regular meals. If this is the case, consider leaving a few bowls filled with little amounts throughout the house.

Because cats thrive on predictability, you should always feed your cat the same amount of food at the same time each day. The particular amount of food should be determined according to your veterinarian’s recommendations. As it gets older, your cat will have different dietary requirements. Make age-appropriate adjustments to your cat’s food in collaboration with your veterinarian, as follows:

Con #5: American Bobtail Cats are susceptible to specific health conditions

American Bobtails are a very healthy breed with few health concerns. However, as with any breed, they may be predisposed to certain diseases such as hip dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, and ringworms.

Hip dysplasia is a hereditary disorder characterized by the weakening of hip joints, which leads to movement issues and, in severe cases, arthritis if not treated early. This illness can be challenging to detect when it first appears. As a result, always pay close attention to how your cat walks to avoid contracting the disease when it is advanced. Inquire with your breeder about screening for hip dysplasia in your kitten’s parents.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kidney condition caused by the formation of cysts that causes symptoms such as frequent thirst, lethargy, weight loss, and elevated blood pressure in bobtails. 

In some circumstances, there may be blood traces in the cat’s pee. This illness could lead to serious health issues if left ignored. As a result, if you observe those signs in your American Bobtail, take them to the vet right once.

Ringworms affect 98% of cats at some point in their lives, so any cat owner should be alert for them. Ringworms are a fungal infection that can be transmitted from cats to humans and is distinguished by a red, bull’s-eye-shaped rash, hence the name.

Con #6: American Bobtail Cats are relatively rare

Because the American bobtail cat breed is somewhat rare in the United States, finding a good breeder might be challenging. The American Cat Fanciers’ Association keeps a breeder list that now only includes two US breeders—one in North Dakota and one in Wisconsin.

Check with other area cat breeders and online networks to find established businesses with great feedback. If you’re not too concerned about owning a certified breed, you could look into adoption services to discover a bobtailed cat that catches your eye.

Con #7: American Bobtail Cats can be energetic hunters

The American Bobtail is a pleasant and gregarious cat with an unusual appearance and a strong hunting instinct. The short tail and tassels on the ears give it the formation of a lynx and increase its popularity.

And even his reputation as a superb escape artist, capable of breaking out of a sealed room.

The hunting prowess of the American Bobtail cat is demonstrated by the fact that it can seize insects that are dangling in the air.

Con #8: American Bobtail Cats’ tails can be an issue

Some Bobtails are born without tails. Rumpies are the name given to kittens born without tails. While some American Bobtails have no tail, most have a truncated tail ranging from a 1-inch bob to a hock-length bob. The shorter tail does not affect the cat’s balance; however, rumpies are unsuitable by breeding standards because of the health issues created by the shortened spine. No two tails are alike.

There is a significant risk that a genetic malformation is a reason behind the abnormally short length or even absence of the American Bobtail’s tail.

Final Thoughts

The American Bobtail is a heartthrob with its magnificent untamed appearance, characteristic bobbed tail, and easygoing demeanor. Unlike most cats, Bobtails prefer prolonged human relationships. They also adapt quickly to their surroundings. 

These characteristics make the American Bobtail Cat one of the best companion cat breeds. They are appropriate for everyone. Make sure to consider all the American Bobtail Cat Pros and Cons before you adopt an American Bobtail!

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