16 Burmilla Pros and Cons You Need To Know

Burmilla Pros and Cons

The Burmilla cat breed was discovered in the early 1980s when a Chinchilla Persian and a Burmese, owned by a baroness in the United Kingdom, accidentally mated. The name is a combination of the names of the two parent breeds, the Burmese and the Chinchilla Persian, and because these two breeds share great characteristics, they produce excellent pets.

The medium-sized Burmilla cat has an athletic but graceful physique, and they make a devoted, affectionate, and gentle friend. Any shade of green can be seen in the eyes, often greenish gold to yellowish in childhood before becoming green as they age.

Burmilla Pros and Cons

The general appearance should resemble that of a chinchilla Persian, one of its originated parents, but with a more sweet, kind countenance. Semi-longhair and shorthair are the two coat lengths available for the Burmilla. The Burmilla’s gregarious and laid-back demeanor is the result of the cross between the assertive, demanding Burmese temperament and the calm, tolerant Persian temperament.

The Burmilla is particularly cute because it has two parents who typically have amazing personalities, and they are pleasant and entertaining without becoming overly dependent. If someone bases their choice of adoption on the personality of the cat that will later be elaborated, choosing to take them home can be the ideal choice.

8 Burmilla cats Pros

1. They are playful

If your house has been dull and you have been considering ways to liven it up, getting a Burmilla cat is one option to consider because they virtually never get tired of playing. You must also be able to match the amount of energy that this cat exudes, so make sure you come with a lot of energy when adopting a Burmilla cat.

This sociable breed enjoys the companionship of people and the dynamics of family life; hence, they can always find a place in a family environment and share their sweetness with every member of the family. The Burmilla cat can get along with practically any other animal or person, including dogs, other cats, children, and even strangers, and they may all be loving friends to these laidback felines.

2. They can be good companions

You can never have a dull day if you have a Burmilla cat because they are filled with enough energy. However, You want to ensure that they spend as much time indoors as possible since a bored Burmilla could search for its own means of entertainment, including bad behavior. The temperament of the Burmilla is particularly distinctive.

Due to the Chinchilla Persian’s laid-back temperament and the Burmese’s demanding and mischievous character, the Burmilla is sociable, vibrant, and affectionate. This active cat is peaceful and gentle and gets along well with children and other respectable animals. They are perfect for those that live alone because of their limited independence. And also for families, as it is guaranteed that an enjoyable adventure with this cat will always be available.

3. They are attractive

The Burmilla is a medium-sized, athletic cat with a velvety coat and a graceful look. The average weight of this breed is 6 to 13 pounds, with males often weighing more than females. These cats may be identified by their sleek, lustrous coats and the black rimming around their eyes and nostrils.

They have vivid green eyes that can occasionally get darker with age. Burmillas have a range of coat hues and designs. They either have tips or shading, a pale coloring that hides a silver or golden undercoat if the coat is tipped. A real semi-longhair, the Burmilla Longhair has a soft, silky coat that feathers on the underside.

4. Less grooming requirement

The Burmilla cat has a short coat, and because of that, they require less upkeep than the coat of other breeds. Even though the colors of their coats can vary greatly, Burmillas are commonly recognized for having coats that are shiny and have silvery tips. The coats of these cats shed very little and just need to be brushed once a week to eliminate any dead hair and dirt that may have accumulated to keep their coats shiny.

When you observe that their fingers have reached the appropriate length, it is imperative that you trim them as well. Since Burmillas require very little attention and get along well with people of all backgrounds, they are ideally suited for use as first pets and as members of families.

5. Good health record

As of right now, it doesn’t seem like the Burmilla has any particular genetic issues, nor have any diseases been seen articulated to this breed, and they have a low chance of being obese. However, even though they are less likely to become obese than the majority of other breeds, you should still take care to avoid overfeeding them.

The Burmilla breed is relatively new as of this writing, and there don’t appear to be any genetic health issues with the Burmilla breed. However, because of their playful and inquisitive nature, you need to make sure that your cat has access to enough enrichment and social interaction inside the house. And this in no way implies that you should neglect them, visit the doctor, or administer cat-specific vaccinations.

6. They are intelligent

The Burmilla cat is energetic and adores interacting with its owners. They like solving problems, unlocking doors, and learning new skills. Also, they are bright, versatile, and intelligent. They are trainable and adaptable to changing circumstances and environments.

These felines are familiar with household patterns, including regular arrival times, mealtimes, and expected activity hours. So when adopting the Burmilla cat, you want to ensure you provide enough toys and games that will help stimulate their brains.

7. They are sociable and fun

The Burmilla gets along well with other family pets and kids who act responsibly around cats. It is gregarious, active, and loving. Be prepared for individuals who might want to take them from you even when you take them on a hangout or picnic due to their undoubtedly endearing personalities. Burmillas love to play, which makes them excellent for families and kids, so you should schedule time for them to play with you.

Some individuals think that the Burmilla embodies the best traits of the Persian and Burmese breeds. This is because they combine the ideal proportion of both traits. The warmth, silliness, and laid-backness are a wonderful addition to a family. In addition, they like pulling off pranks, which makes them one of their most appealing traits and could be fun to watch. Generally, they adore social interactions.

8. They are easygoing

Because Burmillas cats are so loving, easygoing, and sociable, you won’t need to spend a lot of time worrying about or trying to find out how to interact with them. This feline is simple to comprehend, and as a result of the intelligence inherent in their nature, they pick up gestures, signals, and other communication abilities very fast. They can pick up new command skills quickly and easily, which could be a lot of fun. You will be surprised how fast they would master them.

8 Burmilla cats Cons

1. They are a rare breed

Because the Burmilla cats are a relatively rare cat breed. People interested in adopting this breed may have only searched for it and gotten their information about the cat from the internet. Due to the fact that Burmilla cats are rare, not many people own this breed of cat, and there is a good chance that they have never come across one. If, on the other hand, you are fortunate enough to encounter one of these endearing felines, you should not be astonished if it takes them very little time to win you over with their affection. A Burmilla kitten from a good breeder would normally cost between $800 and $1,500 because of the breed’s limited availability and the challenging breeding procedure.

2. They meow a lot

The Burmilla is a vocally expressive breed of cat that is more than willing to engage in lengthy talks with its owners. They will respond by meowing when you talk about how your day went and will offer to tell you how their day went just for fun, including how vocal they can be when they try to express inconvenience or displease. Most other cats have this in common. Although the Burmilla cats are not as talkative as their Burmese ancestors were, they have inherited the tendency to express themselves and be heard through meowing. As a result, they are not hesitant to communicate what they require. However, they will fare well in homes where constant meowing won’t be a problem.

3. They are clingy

The Burmilla cats are known as attention seekers and have a habit of being close to their pet parents at any opportunity they get. They do not mind being in the zoom meeting with you, cooking in the kitchen, or wrapping up on you as you binge-watch your favorite series. Unless you like a pet that is too attached to you and will follow you around the home, you can adopt this breed. If this is not the case, and you want something different from the personality that the Burmilla possesses, then you may look into other breeds that are less possessive. People sometimes refer to Burmilla cats as the “dogs of the cat world” due to their clinging dispositions and behaviors that are similar to those of puppies.

4. Vulnerable to some health issues

Despite the fact that the Burmilla breed of cat is generally considered to have a healthy lifestyle, these cats can have a few health issues and allergies. According to the most recent findings, Burmilla is known to develop polycystic kidney disease as they become older. When they get any of these conditions, it can lead to the development of cysts in their kidneys, which can frequently result in renal failure if the condition is not detected and treated in a timely manner. Therefore, care providers of this breed should not hesitate booking veterinary sessions when they find out unusual behavior or look in their cats.

5. Their eye color takes time to develop

The emerald eyes of Burmilla cats are one of the lovable features that add to their overall attractiveness. This is one of the reasons why people find them so appealing. However, it may take up to two years for the color of Burmilla cat’s eyes to mature into the tone that is often thought to be green.

6. They require attention

The Burmilla cats are recognized to require a great deal of attention, and failure to provide as much as it needs might result in behavioral issues or even depression. As a result, if you own a Burmilla cat, you should invest in some toys, scratching posts, and solid high perches to keep your pet occupied, especially when you have to leave the house. Or, if you worry that you won’t have enough time for your Burmilla cat, you may always adopt another cat to share your home with.

7. They are less active

The Burmilla cat, compared to one of the fore-parent of the Burmilla, which is the Burmese, they are less active. No doubt they even play more than the other fore-parent, chinchillas, but there are times when they won’t want to play, and you just have to let them be.

8. Allergy issues

There is some evidence that Burmilla cats are more likely to develop allergies than other breeds. So if you’re thinking about adopting a Burmilla cat, or if you already have one, it’s important that you get in touch with the clinic that cares for your breed to find out about the specific immunizations and diet combinations your cat needs.

Final thought

Suppose you have gone through all of the information about the Burmilla cats we have expressed here in this post and still need to decide about taking this breed home based on short drawbacks. In that case, you must know that the Burmilla cat is a very adaptable breed, and they make excellent family pets.

The feline breed combination of this cat, the Burmese, and the chinchilla, have very different personalities. However, these two crossing to produce the Burmilla has made the Burmilla inherit positive attributes from each. Of course, no cats or even humans come as a hundred percent, but the most important thing to do is to compare their drawdowns to what you can manage.

Following the personality of the Burmilla cat, It is assuring that if you choose to adopt the Burmilla cat, it would never be a disaster, nor will there be any spring of regrets so long as you take proper and necessary care of them.

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