16 Chartreux cats Pros and Cons You Need To Know

Chartreux cats Pros and Cons

The Chartreux cat is a rare French breed that takes its name from the Valley of Chartreuse, where the Carthusian order of monks originated. However, they are popular and recognized by a lot of registries throughout the world.

Characteristics of the Chartreux include a robust, muscular build, comparatively short, fine-boned limbs, and extremely rapid reflexes; the breed has been celebrated for centuries for its skill as a hunter and its dense, grayish-blue, somewhat shaggy coat. They are highly flexible and agile cats, and the attributes of strength, exceptional intellect, and adaptability let them thrive in the wild for millennia. We will be discussing here the pros and drawbacks of the Chartreux cat, and at the end of this piece, you can make a better decision about whether the Chartreux cat will match your likes.

16 Chartreux cats Pros and Cons You Need To Know

People considering adopting one of these beautiful cats should know that they are quite felines that are not likely to make a lot of noise if something is hurting them. The amiability and tolerance of this breed make it a wonderful choice for households with children and other pets. They will also serve as a wonderful choice for those who may not have the chance to be in their house all the time as they are intelligent and less demanding.

However, these felines’ largest socializing needs are somewhat consistent routines at home and pet parents who are prepared to start love and give these French felines time to warm up to new people.

8 Chartreux Pros

Chartreux cats are friendly

The Chartreux cat won’t wait to be introduced at the entrance if there is a visitor. If you take your Chartreux cat for walks in the park, they will likely meet new people and different animals. Astoundingly, this breed gets along with canines of all sizes and domestic pets. In addition, the Chartreux cat’s peaceful demeanor can dissuade other animals who want to fight.

Chartreux cats have an attractive appearance

The Chartreux cat has a large head with rounded features, broad snouts, a high forehead with a small bend at eye level, and a narrow flat plane between the ears. The large cheeks and jowls give the impression that the head is bigger at the base than the top. The nose is relatively long, wide, and straight. With full whisker pads and a strong chin, the muzzle is small compared to the head’s total breadth, not pointed, and has a pleasant smile.

One of its most charming qualities is the eyes. They sparkle attractively and range in hue from yellow to copper. The medium-sized ears have rounded tips and are high on the skull. The shape of their mouths gives them a cheerful expression. The male Chartreux cat is considerably smaller than the females.

Nevertheless, they are stronger and well-muscled. However, the differences between the male and female Chartreux cats are minimal. Together, these features create an extremely charming kitty, further enhanced by its small height. When you go around with your Chartreux cat, you can be sure that you will attract attention.

Chartreux cats have a gentle personality

The breed of cat known as Chartreux is known for being kind, affectionate, and devoted. They make wonderful companion animals for families, are able to form strong bonds with their human owners very rapidly, and typically show a preference for one of the family members in the household.

They express their lovely personality with other family members and any guests who may be present. They are typically a welcome addition to a household already including young children. Unlike other cats, they are not aggressive, and instead of scratching or biting, they will chirp in an endearing way rather than resorting to their claws if they need to convey that they are not pleased with anything.

The Chartreux cat is the kind of cat you can walk away from for a few hours and come back to find all your belongings in the same condition; they won’t have destroyed anything or left a mess. They depict a calm nature that could only make you love them more.

Chartreux cats are vocal felines

Although the Chartreux is rather noisy for a cat, the majority of them are more likely to “chirp” than “meow.” This is because they are the cats that want to talk to you as soon as you come into the home; thus, you need to provide them with listening ears and interact with them because they want to chat with you as soon as you enter the house.

You might spend a considerable amount of time conversing with your cat, despite the fact that you are well aware that they have no possibility of comprehending a word you say to them. Nevertheless, it may be entertaining to do so.

Chartreux cats are easy to groom

The Chartreux cat Is a very low-Maintenance Bre. The Chartreux cat’s coat has a woolly texture and must be combed at least twice a week to maintain its appearance, and combing the coat not only removes any dead hair but will also help to keep the coat in good health. In addition, you should sometimes wipe their eyes and check for any buildup of wax.

However, doing so does not have to be done promptly; a wet cotton ball will get the job done swiftly. If you clean your cat’s teeth on a regular basis with a toothbrush that has soft bristles and cat toothpaste, you can prevent gingivitis from occurring in your pet. It is also important to keep their nails trimmed in order to prevent the spread of pathogens and cat scratch fever.

Chartreux cats are intelligent

The Chartreux cats are friendly felines and are both intelligent and approachable. These felines are exceptionally bright and will pick up on their names and simple commands in no time. You should look at providing a lot of intellectual games for your Chartreux cat when you get one when you treat your cat properly by providing nutritious food, a clean litter box, and a comfortable place to sleep.

In that case, your cat will reward you with unconditional love, happiness, and amazing adventures you won’t forget in a rush. Chartreux cats are bright creatures that enjoy challenging themselves intellectually with games, puzzles, and other activities that keep their minds active.

Chartreux cats are elites cat

It is well known that political leaders and monarchy want Chartreux cats due to their desirable appearance. Former French president Charles de Gaulle was reputedly the proud owner of a Chartreux cat at one point. Consequently, if you are fortunate enough to acquire a Chartreux cat through adoption, you should be aware that you are the proud owner of a distinguished feline.

Chartreux cats have a good lifespan

In general, the Chartreux is a healthy pet, and its estimated lifetime is between 12 and 15 years often times they tend to live longer than that. Therefore, as a Chartreux cat owner, You will have the opportunity to take pleasure in the company of your cat for at least this long and frequently considerably longer.

8 Chartreux Cons

Chartreux cat’s Health issues

The Chartreux is a generally healthy breed; however, it has proven susceptibility to kidney and urinary tract illnesses (UTIs) such as polycystic kidney disease and kidney stones. In addition, the breed is also prone to obesity, which can lead to health issues, including arthritis in older animals, if not managed properly through nutrition and portion control. Therefore, cat pet parents should book sessions regarding their cats and even take vaccines if possible.

Chartreux cats are expensive

The price range for Chartreux kittens is typically between $1,000 and $1,500; however, this might vary based on the kitten’s age, pedigree, and other considerations depending on the breeder. If you’re fortunate enough, getting one to adopt will save you a lot of money. On the other hand, paying a high price only sometimes indicates that you are getting a pure-bred cat. Many cat breeders prioritize quantity above quality, which can lead to unethical practices. In order to limit the spread of genetic disorders, a responsible breeder will take measures to eliminate the possibility of inbreeding, and it is advisable you adopt them at younger ages.

Chartreux cats require regular maintenance

Maintenance of the Chartreux’s double coat is required on a regular basis due to the cat’s infrequent but noticeable shedding. Your Chartreux will require their nails trimmed every two to three weeks. People who work full-time or have very busy schedules may be particularly affected. However, you may avoid this problem altogether by having your cat spend the day with a professional cat sitter so you can spend your spare time with your furry friend.

It takes time for them to grow to maturity

When you come to the conclusion that a Chartreux cat is the perfect pet for you, it is good to keep in mind that males will typically develop larger than females and that it will take both sexes between three and four years to achieve their maximum size. Chartreux kittens require the first twelve weeks of their lives to grow, learn, and develop necessary command tones and skills.

They shed hair

In most cases, giving the Chartreux cats’ hair a once-weekly brushing is required to prevent breakage when combing it. However, you should know that these felines shed more in the spring, and as a result, they call for increased brushing during this season in order to assist them in getting rid of their loose hair. For example, the underfur of this cat sheds twice a year but may be kept under control with frequent brushing.

Chartreux cats are rare

The Chartreux cat is so uncommon that its cost reflects its scarcity. You should expect to pay $1,000-$2,000 for a healthy, socialized male or female Chartreux kitten. Given the above preceding, it’s clear that these cats are not difficult to adore, being both friendly and mild-mannered. However, before making a final decision, you should research the breeder thoroughly, and currently, even in France, where they originated, the Chartreux breed is still extremely uncommon.

They are difficult to read

One of the drawbacks of having the Chartreux breed of cat is that they may not always let you know when anything is wrong by meowing; instead, they prefer to keep themselves to themselves and will most likely huddle in a corner. Therefore, the owners will need to closely check their feline companions and become familiar with their individual behavioral idiosyncrasies.

They have strict nutritional requirements

When it comes to food, Chartreux cats are picky eaters. Their diet should mostly consist of meat because they are obligate carnivores. They shouldn’t be fed plant-based proteins. Proteins help the Chartreux cat’s heart function properly, provide energy, and prevent weight gain.

The Chartreux cat’s diet should also include supplementary vitamins and minerals in addition to protein. It is important to supply moisture to their body by feeding them wet meals to prevent dehydration. You must pay attention to the types of food you buy and feed your Chartreux to keep them from getting sick.

If you need to figure out what’s best for your Chartreux, talk to your vet, but whatever meal you get for them must have at least some kind of meat-based protein. They can be easily unsettled by even little changes, such as a new flavor, so you may want to stick to a particular routine flavor. This may be a little hassle for busy people, but the more it is worked at, the easier it becomes.


If you want to adopt a Chartreux cat, one thing you should consider is whether or not you will be able to take care of it and provide it with the medical attention it needs. The majority of drawbacks listed of the Chartreux cat breed are similar to those of the majority of other breeds. But, aside from that, they have endearing qualities that make them appear as the perfect feline pet in every way for a cat lover.

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  1. I was lucky enough to have a small fixed female in 2014 she got bigger so I think she was 1 or 2.

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    She is a huntress-I have had no issues since we found each other .

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