10 Ways to Honor a Cat That Has Passed Away

Honor a Cat

Experts agree that cats have an average lifespan of 12 to 18 years. You’re not alone if you feel that it’s quite unfair for our fur babies to have such short lives. As painful as it may feel, whenever a cat has passed away, you have to accept it as a natural part of life.

For many of us who truly love these pets and made them a huge part of our lives, it’s incumbent upon us to find ways to honor our cats. To honor a cat when it has passed is a natural human impulse for many of us which can give us a sense of closure.

Honor a Cat That Has Passed Away

Here are 10 ways to honor a cat that has passed away:

1. Hold a memorial ceremony

Hold a memorial ceremony to honor a cat

Holding a memorial ceremony to honor a cat is a great way to celebrate your pet’s life. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy. A few friends may attend or you can even do it on your own. The idea is to come up with an event where you can say a few words about your dearly departed pet. Pet lovers would admit to loving their pets like they were human, sometimes even more, which would make holding a ceremonial event natural in the event of their passing.

During the ceremony, participants can exchange stories and memories they may have with the cat that has passed away. By reliving these good times, you can find some solace during this hard time.

2. Make cat photos into an album

Make cat photos into an album

Making a digital album these days would take seconds. But creating a real photo album would take time, effort, and patience. Making a physical cat photo album or scrapbook is an excellent way to focus your grief on something creative. It’s an excellent tribute to your dearly departed cat.

More than just printing and stuffing a pile of photos, compiling a physical album takes a lot of care in the process. You get to curate the photos that you’ll include in the album which has limited space. It’s a great way to reminisce and remember the fun memories you had with your pet cat.

3. Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace 

Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace

Another creative way to honor your cat and keep their memory with you at all times is to commission a personalized pet portrait necklace. Today, many arts and crafts services online offer to create a specially-made necklace that depicts your cat.

These necklaces that you can wear all the time can stand as a remembrance of the love you had for your dearly departed cat. It’s a way to honor a cat and keep them close to your heart. It may set you back a couple of bucks but for many of us pet owners, it’s worth it.

4. Plant a tree

Plant a tree to honor a passed away cat

While cats’ lives are fleeting, a tree’s life can span centuries. Many people honor their dead by planting trees on behalf of their dearly departed. Planting a tree signifies a new beginning, a new chapter after a great loss.

Find a nice spot in your yard or find a quiet place where you can plant a sapling. It would be a great reminder for you every time you see the tree grow over the years. That way you can honor your cat even when they’re long gone. Aside from honoring a cat, you have contributed to improving the environment as we plant more trees every day.

5. Pet Decorative Urn

Pet Decorative Urn

One of the best ways to honor a cat is by buying a pet decorative urn. Many of us pet owners find solace and comfort knowing that our pet’s remains are nearby. Having a decorative urn house your cat’s ashes is a customary practice that can allow you to display it in your home.

When choosing the right pet decorative urn, try to find something that you think reflects your cat’s personality. Consider that whenever you see this urn, you can look back fondly on your good memories together.

6. Bury the cat’s ashes in the garden

Bury the cat's ashes in the garden

For some of us, burying our cat’s remains in our garden can be a great way of honoring their memory. The garden is a special part of anyone’s house. It’s probably where most of our cats play and exercise. It would be fitting to lay them to rest in a place where they most enjoyed.

Gardens are representative of growth and life. The entire garden itself will serve as a memorial for your dearly departed pet. You can put in a place marker where you bury their ashes so you can have a special space of remembrance on your property.

Write something related to your cat

After your cat has passed away, it’s only natural that you feel immense grief. Perhaps a therapeutic way to honor your cat is to write something related to your cat. Feelings bottled up within ourselves can lead to prolonged depression. However, if we express our feelings as simply as writing about them, perhaps we can have a sort of release we so badly need after the passing of a beloved pet.

You don’t need to publish your work if you don’t want to. Sometimes, these things can be very personal and should be kept to yourself. However, the act of writing something about your cat can be a progressive step in itself as you try to move on after a devastating loss.

8. Name a star after them

Name a star to honor a cat that has passed away

You can honor a cat by naming a celestial body after them. Online services these days facilitate naming stars in honor of their loved ones. This registry services keep track of unnamed stars and assign a name based on your request.

Some of these registries are non-official and for-profit businesses. They will provide you with a certificate and other items like photographs of constellations, a star map, fact sheets, and other space accessories. They will also provide you with a guide on how to find your star. Naming a star after your cat is a truly unique way of remembering a pet!

9. Adopt a stray cat

When a life is lost, another can be found. For many pet owners, sometimes, opening your heart to a new cat, preferably someone who has lost their home, can be an admirable way to honor your cat that has passed away.

While it is true that no other cat would replace the one you lost. It is also true that pet owners are capable of having a lot of love to give. What better way than to take in a stray? Giving a good home to a stray cat allows you to heal and find comfort that can help you through this difficult time.

10. Make a charitable donation in the name of a cat

Honoring your dearly departed cat with an act of selflessness is perhaps one of the best ways to honor a pet. Donate to charities dedicated to animal welfare and protection. While you may have lost one cat, there are still thousands of cats out there that need your help, big or small.

Love and kindness are something that you can continue to give even after losing a loved one. Help cats and other pets out there that they may find new homes they richly deserve.

Conclusion: Give thanks with a grateful heart

You would perhaps agree that pet cats are a blessing to mankind. They are excellent companions and lovable pets. We, pet owners, reserve a special place for them in our hearts that even if they pass away, we continue to honor their memories the best way we can. We must give thanks with a grateful heart for being part of such a wonderful life, regardless of how brief. Cats are truly wondrous creatures and after they’re gone we can only hope that we’ll see them again someday.

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