20 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy

20 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy

How to make your cats happy

You may be noticing your cat act all gloomy, bored, or sad. As a pet owner, it’s part of your job to make your cat happy. Choosing cats as a companion is a huge responsibility. Part of that responsibility is to make sure that your cat’s life under your care is a fulfilling one. 

To make a depressed cat happy, you need to find out what caused them to act strangely. Some cats feel depressed after an altercation with another cat, and others when separated from their litter or parents. Some cats can be sad because they may be feeling lonely or lost after transferring homes. Most of the time, when a cat is acting stranger than usual, it’s most likely that it may be feeling ill. If that persists despite you trying out some of the suggestions here, you may need to bring your cat to a vet.

Here are 20 awesome ideas on how to make your cat happy. You can implement all of these until you see signs that your cat is happy and its energy restored:

1 – Go feed a healthy diet

Go feed a healthy diet

Feeding your cat a nutritious and healthy diet is a sure way to keep them happy. For the most part, the main ingredients in cat food are meat, fish, and poultry. Cats like other pets are motivated daily by food. This is what drives them each day. So it is only natural that being fed with high-quality food can nourish their bodies which in turn would make them more limber, active, and playful.

Cats need to be fed at least twice a day. An occasional dry food ration such as Pedigree won’t be enough to keep them healthy and happy. Supplement with a high-protein kibble. If your cat regularly eats this type of food, you may want to experiment with a raw food diet to see if it also increases your cat’s appetite and energy levels.

2 – Go give some catnip

Go give some catnip

Another way to make your cat happy is to treat them with some catnip. Catnip is an herb from the mint family that has a distinct stimulating effect on cats. You need to observe how your cat reacts to catnip since some cats do not necessarily like it. Catnip is usually done as a reward when you’re training a cat. You need to observe how your cat reacts to catnip since some cats do not necessarily like it.

Catnip is usually done as a reward when you’re training a cat. If your cat likes catnip, you should give it some in small doses, especially when it is young. If your cat is an old cat, catnip may not be deemed necessary. Catnip is used to teach cats to get attention, as well as to keep them entertained. This is also a good way to keep cats happy if they are feeling short on affection.

3 – Go groom your cat

Go groom your cat

Cats are known to be very hygienic animals. They love grooming themselves to keep their fur clean. You can make them extra happy by brushing their fur regularly. When your time and budget allow it, you can bring your cat to a professional groomer for a haircut and some pampering. This will allow you to get their fur clean and healthy without having to do it yourself.

Keep your cat’s coat clean, healthy, and shiny. Regular brushing will keep your cat’s fur clean and prevent hairballs. You can also buy cat fur shampoo to keep their fur clean and odor-free. Use a wide-tooth comb to get to the roots of the fur and brush away any loose hair. If you have a long-haired cat, use a special brush to remove any mats or tangles.

4 – Go refill their water

Go refill their water

Cats thoroughly enjoy having clean and fresh water. Make it a regular habit to change your cat’s water every day. Having water available in many places in your house allows your cat easy access to it. When you notice that your cat is drinking more water than usual, you know you’ve succeeded in keeping your cat hydrated. A hydrated cat is a happy cat! Since cats are naturally active and energetic pets, it’s important to give them accessible water at all times. Of course, these water outlets should be well-maintained to avoid contamination.

Cats also like playing with water. You can make your indoor cat happy by designating them some space with water where they can mess around. Make sure this play area is safe to avoid any accidents. 

5 – Go clean their litter box

Go clean their litter box

Make your cat happy by regularly cleaning their litter box—cats like a clean environment. Clean your cat box twice a week with a high-efficiency or regular cat litter and a litter box brush, then scoop or replace the cat litter in your box when necessary. 

If you have the means, you can consider investing in a self-cleaning litter box. These have been known to improve a cat’s physical and mental life. And you don’t have to worry about clumping. The self-cleaning litter box will remove the clumping and your cat will use its paws to clean itself. But even without the bells and whistles of an expensive litter box, you can still make your cat happy by maintaining a disciplined routine of cleaning where they poop. This will establish a hygienic routine for you and your cat.

6 – Go clean your house

 Go clean your house

To make your cat happy, you need to step back and clean your house. Remember, your house is your cat’s house. Every nook and cranny will be explored by a very energetic cat. To avoid accidents and possible mishaps, you need to regularly clean your house. Store fragile items away from your cat’s reach and strategize your furniture arrangement to allow maximum living space for you and your cat.

Your cat will be happy to have a wide berth and will be even happier to not have to encounter roadblocks and potential hazards like loose wires, spilled chemicals, and sharp objects. Also, once your cat becomes familiar with a clean home, he’ll be more interested in exploring the place, playing more, and getting excited.

7 – Go let them scratch

Go let them scratch

Cats instinctively love to scratch at things. As a pet owner, you must find an appropriate outlet for your cat to use their claws. Assign a scratching post where they can be allowed to scratch and groom their nails. This will teach your cat to only scratch designated scratching posts instead of going for your couch or shoes.

Teach your cat where to scratch methodically. Remove them immediately once you notice them trying to scratch on something important. You need to allow them to scratch as this will help your cat to maintain their claws and keep them from being overgrown. Scratching also helps cats to feel secure, which helps them to feel less anxious and more comfortable in their surroundings, which in turn helps keep them from acting on instinct to use the bathroom outside of the litter box.

8 – Go get them toys

Go get them toys

Cats love toys. Letting them play with fun and exciting toys can make a depressed cat happy. You can offer your cat a small rubber mouse that they can pounce and chew on. Cats are natural hunters so you could do well in giving them something they can chase and something that can handle being thrown or tackled. Balls are also great toys for cats. Cats are known to spend endless hours playing with the toys they love.

Some cats also love chasing bugs. You can create a bug hunt using an old silk screen, or you can even purchase a bug trap to capture them when they’re done.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get your cat a toy. You can use everyday items like an old slipper or a ball of yarn. Cats will play with almost anything. They also form an emotional bond and a sense of ownership with some of the toys you’ll give.

9 – Go get them boxes

Go get them boxes

Perhaps one of the most interesting phenomena in cat history is their excitement when it comes to cardboard boxes. Make your cat happy by giving them a cardboard box to play with. They love stuffing themselves in these boxes. You can make a small playground or fort from these boxes.

Keep your cat active and entertained with a cardboard box. It opens a whole world of recreational fun for your cat and yourself. Not only can they be used for cat toys, but you can also build your cat a small maze or play house inside a cardboard box. This will provide them with something to snuggle and play in, which will keep them happy. Just be sure to build your cat fortress away from any potential dangers, such as strings or electrical wires. You can get these boxes from recycling or from your local grocery store.

10 – Go play with them

Go play with them

Perhaps the most obvious way to make your cat happy is to spend time with them during playtime. Cats are very energetic and playful creatures. They like moving around and chasing things. You can either use or not use toys when playing with your cat. Find some time each day to spend with your cat as playtime. This will signal familiarity and discipline if a cat notices a routine in playtime.

When playing with your cat, build a trusting relationship. Your cat will feel secure and will not be as fearful. If you play with your cat a lot, your cat will learn that you will always be there for them and that play is fun. This will help your cat to trust and love you.

Make sure your kitty has plenty of quality time. The more interaction they have, the better. For every minute they spend playing and being loved, they get fifteen minutes of affection and play, too. If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors and doesn’t have a yard, try to add more time to their day every day this week.

11 – Go build a cat tree

Go build a cat tree

Cats are natural-born climbers. They climb to catch things or to defend themselves from pursuers. Encourage them to climb by providing a high place they can get to and keeping it secure. A tall cat tower or sturdy tree branch is ideal. A cat tower on a deck or balcony also is a good option, in case of high winds or inclement weather. It is important to keep your cat’s access to vertical surfaces such as walls and fences covered with climbing rungs, or to such surfaces that can be reached from the cat tower. Consider designating a ladder or a makeshift set of stairs to allow for some vertical space for your cat. It is important to let your cats climb stuff as it’s something that can excite them and make them very happy.

12 – Go make a catio

make a catio

Many cat owners have invested in a cat patio or “catio.” It’s a small enclosure that allows your cat to get a taste of the outside without the dangers. Provide a screened porch that can act as a window for your cat. A catio is more or less a playpen that can allow your cat to roam around open space without having to put them on a leash.

Another option is installing a padded perch which can be bought in many pet-supply chains. Some pet owners opt for a small enclosure that sits in a window frame like an air-conditioning unit. Make sure that the enclosure is secured for your cat. Letting the cat feel the sun on their faces is a sure way to make them happy. You can make indoor cats happy by providing viewing access to the outside world.

13 – Go get them a new bed

cat new bed

Cats love sleeping. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your cat’s bed. Choose something that would match your cat’s personality. You can get your cat an extra-plush bed with lots of coverage. If your cat is active at night, try one of these comfy beds. They can sleep for hours and often purr while they do. Ensure you keep your cat’s beddings clean and free from allergens. This will help your cat stay comfortable and reduce the risks of your cat getting allergies. Some cat owners choose to keep their cat’s bed in a separate room so that the cat doesn’t feel like they are missing out on the best snuggling spot whenever they want to use it. This way, your cat can still enjoy sleeping with you but won’t be bothered by you trying to cuddle with them in their bed. This can also help with training your cat to get out of the bed when they want to use it.

14 – Go walk outside

walk outside

If you live in a reasonably peaceful neighborhood without a lot of loose dogs or feral cats, you may want to train your cat to walk while on a leash and harness. Going outside for a walk can do wonders for a cat. Of course, you have to train your cat how to properly behave when outside. It takes time and patience for both you and the cat.

If walking your cat outside is not an option, you may want to invest in a stroller where you can bring your cat outside without necessarily having to expose it to the risks. Propping a cat up in a stroller also helps to prevent your cat from being too restless and destructive when you need to go to work or take a shower. When you bring your cat outside, make sure to be responsible and clean up after them should your cat choose to relieve itself.

15 – Go invite friends

Go invite friends

Another way to make your cat happy is to introduce them to other friendly cats. You may even decide to keep a second cat. Cats are naturally social creatures. They like playing and interacting with their other feline counterparts. This also means introducing your cat to new animals. Introducing them to other cats and other animals at the same time prevents your cat from becoming isolated or fearful of other animals, and it can also aid in teaching your cat to be tolerant of other animals.

Of course, you need to keep a close eye on your cat whenever they play with other cats. If you notice any discomfort or problematic behavior, you must intervene and make sure that your cat is safe. While most cats are friendly, they can also be unpredictable and may need to assert their dominance over their territory.

16 – Go plant a patch of cat grass

Go plant a patch of cat grass

Another great way to keep your cat happy is to plant a patch of cat grass. Cats love to nibble on fresh-cut flowers and leaves, so turning a small area of your yard into a cat grass patch is a great way to provide them with some extra stimulation while keeping them safe and comfortable.

Cat grass is a plant mixture of common seeds like wheat, barley, rye, and oats, so it’s relatively easy to find in a garden center or supermarket. It is also fairly easy to grow. Cat grass is great because it’s not toxic to your cat, unlike many house plants. The scent of the grass is very stimulating to cats, which makes it a great source of entertainment for them.

17 – Go cuddle

Go cuddle

Cuddle your cat every day. Cats need to be cuddled to feel happy. Give them love and attention every day and you will see your cat become a much happier cat. Cuddling during lap time can be the highlight of their day.

Find a relaxing time to sit and snuggle with your cat. you can do it while enjoying a chapter or two of your favorite book or while watching a favorite movie. Your cat will love you for including it in your intimate relaxing time.

Cuddling can include brushing their fur, stroking their back, and giving them a belly rub. Make sure that your cat is always comfortable while cuddling. Be mindful if your cat is not in the mood so as not to give them a bad experience.

18 – Go train them

Go train them

One of the most responsible things a pet owner can do is to train their pets. Your cat will be happy about it because it gives your relationship a sense of stability and structure. Whenever a cat understands the stimuli and routines of their owner, they become more familiar and self-assured. Training your cats provides their lives consistency and order.

The idea behind training the cat is to teach them to do specific tasks or commands using treats as a reward. Training can be tiresome and difficult but the benefits are worth it. Having a trained cat is a huge accomplishment for any pet owner.

You can coordinate with professionals to learn more about how to train your cat or you can do it yourself. These days, there are endless video tutorials online teaching pet owners how to effectively train their beloved pets.

19 – Go give them space

Go give them space

Sometimes, you will need to leave your cat on their own devices. To make them happy, give your cat some alone time. Leave your cat alone during the day and they will be more relaxed at night. Give your cat a quiet, dark place to retreat to and the cat will be more relaxed there. Allow cats their own personal space and time to escape the madness.

Many pet owners tend to think that they need to check on their cats 24/7. But ultimately, cats are not built for constant companionship. They often thrive when they go solo. Cats are more than capable of entertaining themselves. As pet owners, you must try not to be too overbearing or too clingy to your cat. Give your cat a reasonable breathing space from time to time but make sure to keep tabs on them in case something goes wrong.

20 – Go to the vet

Go to the vet

A healthy cat is a happy cat. Veterinarians can provide you with a lot of helpful insights about keeping your cat happy. By letting a medical professional check on your cat, they can offer you a personalized consultation specific to your cat. While cats may not enjoy getting shots or taking medicines, they will definitely enjoy having a long and healthy life. Make sure that your cat is eating healthy and is drinking lots of fluids.

Be mindful if your cat is acting strange or funny. Always take notes and share this on your next appointment with the vet. By keeping your cat healthy, well-fed, and well-exercised, you will most definitely make your cat happy.


Cats are creatures of affection and feelings. They can sense if they are being mistreated and abused which may cause them to feel down and depressed. As a pet owner, you need to take good care of your cat and treat them as you would treat a fellow human being. Treat them with love, care, and affection so that they may feel happy and fulfilled living under your roof. The best way to make your cat happy is to simply love them.

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