16 Selkirk Rex Pros and Cons You Need To Know

Get ready to learn more about the fantastic and adorable Selkirk Rex cat! If you want a cat friend with a unique look and a laid-back attitude that will turn heads and win hearts, you don’t have to look any further. The Selkirk Rex is here to be the show’s star and give your home a new level of style.

But before you dive fully into Selkirk Rex ownership, you must know both the pros and cons of having these cute, curly animals as pets. So, we’ve made a list of the pros and cons to help you make an informed choice. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, from the fun things about their unique coat to the possible problems, like special cleaning needs and health concerns.

Here are the 8 Pros and 8 Cons you need to know before getting a Selkirk Rex Cat:


Pro 1 – Selkirk Rex Cats have gorgeous appearances

Selkirk Rex Cats have gorgeous appearances

You’ll be enamored with the Selkirk Rex because it is so stunning. Their curly hair is as soft and plush as your favorite cushion and looks like a work of art.

But here’s the real surprise: their curls go beyond the fur and even affect their cute whiskers, giving them a magical and whimsical look that will get people’s attention wherever they go. It’s like having a living, breathing piece of art in your house! You can choose between a Selkirk Rex with short hair and a Selkirk Rex with long hair.

Each has its own unique charm. The short-haired version shows off the curls in all their beauty. In contrast, the long-haired version takes it to the next level with even more dramatic and luxurious curls that make you want to run your fingers through their coat all day.

Pro 2 – Selkirk Rex Cats are compatible with kids and other pets

Families and pet fans, listen up! The Selkirk Rex is exactly what your busy home needs.

Not only are they friendly and easygoing, but they also get along well with kids and other pets. Imagine your kids laughing and playing with your animal friend, making memories that will last a lifetime. And it’s a match made in kitty heaven for your other pets. 

Whether you have a dog, another cat, or even a bird, the Selkirk Rex will happily extend their paw in friendship and enjoy the unity of your diverse furry family. Say goodbye to pet problems and hello to pet happiness.

Pro 3 – Selkirk Rex Cats have low exercise needs


Don’t worry if you’re not the type to jog with your cat. The Selkirk Rex is the ideal cat for you. 

Even though these cats can be playful sometimes, they like to take it easy most of the time. So, whether you’re a busy person with a full-time job or a laid-back cat lover who wants to spend a quiet night, the Selkirk Rex will fit right in with your lifestyle. They won’t run around the house like a furry tornado, but they’ll play “chase the feather wand” or “catch the laser pointer dot” whenever you’re in the mood.

With this cat, you can spend meaningful time together, whether watching a movie on the couch or napping. The Selkirk Rex’s easygoing attitude about life is inspiring and will make you feel calm and happy!

Pro 4 – Selkirk Rex Cats have unique curly coats

Selkirk Rex Cats have unique curly coats

Imagine a cat wearing a coat that appears to have been custom-made by a prankster hairdresser. The Selkirk Rex is different from all the other cats in the area because its fur is curly and beautiful. 

Their fur spreads and moves when they walk, catching the light and making a beautiful show. It’s like having an alive and moving work of art in your home. Also, when you have guests, you can expect praise and wide-eyed looks as everyone admires your cat’s unique and beautiful look. 

People will talk about you, and your Instagram feed will look like a gallery of Selkirk Rex pictures.

Pro 5 – Selkirk Rex Cats are mellow and friendly

Who wouldn’t want a cat as calm as a cucumber and as nice as a neighbor you’ve known for years? Peace, love, and purring are what the Selkirk Rex is all about! 

Their relaxed attitude makes them easy to work with and fun. If you have kids who like to play or other pets who want a friend, the Selkirk Rex will fit in like the perfect puzzle piece. Their friendly nature will make them want to cuddle with you all the time, and their ability to get along with others will make them the star of your family events. 

They’ll provide you with the best pet therapy, Selkirk Rex style.

Pro 6 – Selkirk Rex Cats are very adaptable

Selkirk Rex Cats are very adaptable

The Selkirk Rex will be your loyal and flexible companion wherever life takes you. 

These cats are like chameleons because they can fit into different living situations and feel right at home, whether you live in a small apartment in the city or a big house in the country. If you love and pay attention to them, they will make their little haven anywhere. So, whether you’re a busy city worker or a laid-back person in the suburbs, the Selkirk Rex will share your journey and bring joy and friendship into your life. 

Their flexibility can’t be beaten, which makes them perfect for many different ways of living and living arrangements. The Selkirk Rex is always up for an adventure, whether playing hide-and-seek in your apartment or enjoying the big outdoors in your garden.

Pro 7 – Selkirk Rex Cats are quite loving

You’ll get a daily dose of pure love with the Selkirk Rex by your side. These cute fuzzy creatures have hearts of gold and know how to show love like no other.

From soft head pats to cuddling up on your lap, they give you lots of purrs of happiness. Because they are kind and caring, they form an instant bond that strengthens over time. Imagine coming home from a long day feeling tired and worn out, and there they are, your animal helper, ready to make you feel better by being there. Their kindness makes them the best way to release stress and a constant source of joy and comfort in a world that can sometimes be a little crazy.

So, if you need a friendly hug after a hard day or a fuzzy friend to share life’s ups and downs with, the Selkirk Rex is always there to wrap you in their loving arms and make everything better.

Pro 8 – Selkirk Rex Cats make great companions

Selkirk Rex Cats make great companions

The Selkirk Rex is the perfect partner if you’re looking for one. They are charming, friendly, and full of love, wrapped in a curlicued package.

Their unique looks may catch your attention, but their kind, loving personalities will win your heart. They aren’t just pets; they become an essential part of your life, blending into your daily activities and improving every moment. When you’re relaxing on the couch or watching a movie at home, they’ll be there with you, ready to share your happiness and comfort you when life gets hard.

You’ll never feel alone with a Selkirk Rex because they are loyal and loving. This creates a deep and vital bond that lasts a lifetime. Even though they are cats, they know how to be the best friends you could ever ask for.


Con 1 – Selkirk Rex Cats need constant grooming

The beautiful hair of the Selkirk Rex hides a secret: it needs to be groomed regularly. Even though these furball fashionistas don’t shed much, their curly hair needs a lot of care to keep it looking its best.

Imagine your Selkirk Rex walking around with beautiful curls. Those lovely waves could become knotted nightmares if you don’t care about their cleaning needs. To avoid a fashion faux pas with your pet friend, you must spend time cleaning them regularly.

Think of brushing your cat’s hair as giving them a spa day. They’ll be the envy of all the other cats in the neighborhood. And while it may take some work, the product is a velvety-soft, well-groomed Selkirk Rex ready to steal the show wherever they go!

Con 2 – Selkirk Rex Cats are prone to health issues

Now, let’s talk about health, an essential part of any cat’s life. Like other fancy-breed cats, the Selkirk Rex may have a few genetic quirks. 

The bad guys in this story are polycystic kidney disease (PKD), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), and hip dysplasia, which can sometimes affect these beautiful cats. But don’t worry because responsible breeders are the stars here. They carefully check the health of their animals to reduce the chance.

Now that you know this, you can be your cat’s health partner in this adventure! Your Selkirk Rex will live a healthy, happy life with regular vet visits, well-balanced food, and a dash of love, making it your feline superhero.

Con 3 – Selkirk Rex Cats can be pretty rare

To adopt a Selkirk Rex, you must go on a treasure hunt. Still, these cats are the mystery unicorns of the cat world. 

They are not very common and are like secret gems waiting to be found. So expect a challenging journey to find your perfect curly friend. There may be waiting lines and limited availability, but don’t worry. 

Every task has a prize; in this case, the reward is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive feline friend. Selkirk Rex are even more beautiful because they are so rare. They are the crown jewels of your heart and the talk of the town.

Con 4 – Selkirk Rex Cats are susceptible to dental problems

The Selkirk Rex breed is also prone to tooth problems, another con to consider. Like many other cats, Selkirk Rex can get oral issues like gum disease and tooth loss. 

The shape and texture of their teeth can sometimes make it hard to clean them properly, leading to more dental problems. Regular dental checkups, cleaning their teeth, and giving them treats or things that are good for their teeth can help your Selkirk Rex avoid these problems and ensure they have good oral health for the rest of their lives. 

Taking care of their teeth ahead of time can prevent pain and possible health problems, making your cat friend happy and healthier.

Con 5 – Selkirk Rex Cats may induce allergies

Selkirk Rex Cats may induce allergies

Do you get sick when you’re around cats? Well, listen up before you fall in love with a Selkirk Rex! 

Even though these cats aren’t entirely hypoallergenic, they might be your best friend if you have mild allergies. Imagine warming up with your Selkirk Rex, feeling less stuffy, less itchy, and with a lot of love. But hold on, my friend, because there are allergens in every breed. 

If you have bad allergies, try a Selkirk Rex before committing long-term. A little time together could be the key to finding a match that’s purr-fectly right for you.

Con 6 – Selkirk Rex Cats can be pretty expensive

Now let’s talk about something that makes everyone twitch their whiskers: the price. Everyone knows that extraordinary things cost more, and Selkirk Rex cats are no different. 

Because they are rare and hard to get, they may cost more to buy at first than most cats. But don’t worry, my fellow cat lover, because with a high level of uniqueness comes charm and charisma! So, before you pull out your wallet, ensure your budget can handle this high-end event. 

It’s like having a masterpiece. This masterpiece will bring you love, cuddles, and endless praise. A real piece of cat art that is worth every penny.

Con 7 – Selkirk Rex Cats have limited colors and patterns

Calling all cat fashionistas: the Selkirk Rex comes in various colors and patterns, but the catwalk might not have the full range you want. 

Imagine you want a calico cutie or a tabby fashionista. Still, the breed standard has rules about how the cat should look. Don’t worry, fashion-conscious friend, because many other cat types have more colors. 

So, if you have your heart set on a specific color or pattern of clothing, check out the wonderful world of feline fashion and find the purr-fect match for your unique tastes!

Con 8 – Selkirk Rex Cats may have some behavioral quirks

The Selkirk Rex is known for being friendly and loving, one of its most charming qualities. However, some members of this breed may have strange habits. 

Because Selkirk Rex cats have different genes and a unique history, some may act in ways that could be hard for some people to deal with. Some of these quirks include talking too much, being silly at strange times, or wanting a lot of attention. 

Even though these things can make your cat friend more interesting, it’s essential to understand and respect their personalities for an excellent friendship.


In conclusion, the Selkirk Rex is an exceptional and exciting breed. But it’s essential to research before you start the journey to bring a Selkirk Rex into your life. As with any choice, it’s necessary to have all the facts. This breed is hard to find, needs special care, and might get sick. 

Remember that the happiness and satisfaction of having a Selkirk Rex as a pet are well worth the extra work and study.

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