10 Signs to Tell If Your Cat Wants Another Cat

How to Tell If Your Cat Wants Another Cat

How to tell if your cat wants another cat 

As a cat owner, it’s important that you know how to tell if your cat wants another cat in its life. While many believe that cats are solitary and would be content on their own, they need a degree of social interaction just like other pets. They can usually get it from their owners but sometimes, they may be longing for feline companionship.

Here are some signs to tell if your cat wants another cat:

Being clingy

Being clingy

While it could be pleasant to have such an attentive cat, a clingy kitten can be a sign that they are looking for another feline companion. If a cat becomes excessive in attention-seeking, it means that its drive for social interaction is on a high.

Unusual grooming

Unusual grooming

If you find your cat being scruffy or unkempt, they could be experiencing loneliness or depression. On the other hand, if your cat tends to overgroom, it could be a form of self-soothing or loneliness.


cat Stress

The general signs of stress to a cat are a sudden change in appetite, either over or undereating, unusually low energy, strange vocalization, and a low mood. Stress can be an indicator that your cat is searching for a feline friend.

Bad behavior

cat bad behavior

Scratching furniture or defecating outside the litterbox can be microaggressions that indicate the need for a companion. It shows that your cat is missing something, feeling bored, or simply lonely.

Grief over past companions

Grief over past companions

This applies to cats who at some point in their lives were used to dealing with other cats. More often this happens to both children and mothers when separated from each other. Getting another cat may be a way to curb their grief.

Is my cat lonely without another cat?

As a pet owner, it’s only natural to wonder “is my cat lonely without another cat?” Loneliness can be very discouraging and profoundly depressing for humans. Does it work the same way with cats?

Experts say that the general answer is “yes.” This is the case mostly if they’re kittens, or only a few months old. Kittens, like many young animals, are endowed with so much energy for play and exploration. They are active little pets that crave attention and activity from other playmates.

As cats mature to adulthood, self-preservation instincts kick in. This would mean that in some cases, cats may observe caution when meeting stranger cats.

Ultimately, domestic cats are social species. They form meaningful bonds with other cats even at a mature age. It could be said that cats being depicted as solitary and content on their own may be a gross misrepresentation.

However, the capacity for loneliness does not necessarily require that you should get a second cat. Research points out that the human companionship of their owners can be perfectly adequate for cats in most situations.

How do you know if you should get a second cat?

How do you know if you should get a second cat?

Now if you’ve determined how to tell if your cat wants another cat, it’s now time to ask: “Should you get a second cat?”

There are things to consider first before you start thinking of what you’re going to name your second cat. Getting a second cat is a huge responsibility. You may feel it’s easier since you’ve already had a cat, and in some ways it is, but there are a lot of things you need to think about first to make sure you’re ready.

First, you need to consider if you have the finances to afford a second cat. A good cat owner will be able to keep track of how much they spend on their single cat. Now, multiply it by two. You have an additional mouth to feed. Think of the fact that you will now have two pets to bring to the vet. If you can’t afford to pay for a second cat, don’t get one.

Second, check first if you have enough space for another cat. You may think your cats would share their areas but studies show that cats tend to be territorial. There must be enough space for both cats to have a place of their own. Living in a small house or apartment may be good for a single cat but two cats in the same type of space could be inviting trouble.

Finally, you need to consider if your current cat’s health won’t be jeopardized by introducing a new cat. You must consider your cat’s age and predisposition. While it may be showing signs that it wants a new feline companion, you’ll still need to be sensitive if having this new companion can prove to be stressful. Unwell or elderly cats may not be as welcoming to new cats as they may hinder their rest time.

Will my cat be happy if I get another cat?

Will my cat be happy if I get another cat

Veterinarians are an excellent source of advice on how to tell if your cat wants another cat. It is important to rely on expert medical advice to ensure you make a proper decision should you get a second cat.

In most cases, cats would typically find ways to bond with their fellow cats. People would often wonder, is my cat lonely without another cat? Conversely, will my cat be happy if I get another cat?

The easy answer for both questions would be yes. Though not as how we humans may interpret it. Cats, despite being known as solitary, are social creatures. They thrive with their furry friends through playing. Here are some signs that tell you that your cats are getting along:

They rub their heads together

They rub their heads together

It’s usually a sign of trust when it comes to cats. Sometimes called headbutting, this action is described as rubbing their heads and cheeks against their fellow cats. They also do this to humans on occasion.

They groom each other

They groom each other

Cats are natural self-groomers. This deeply personal action is usually extended to cats they consider friends. You can see this naturally occurring in mother cats and kittens. When a cat grooms another cat, it’s usually a display of affection.

They snuggle together

Just like humans, cats seem to bond by sharing their sleeping space and cuddling. This is also a self-soothing action since kittens would usually huddle together for warmth. You will notice some cats would choose to sleep with another despite being assigned their beds.

They are always together

Perhaps the surest way to know that your cats are getting along is if they’re always hanging out with each other.

They engage in roughhousing

Sometimes mistaken as fighting, cats would usually burn up their extra energy by play-fighting with each other. They are largely unharmed during this as both cats have no intention to injure the other. These friendly matches often start between kitten siblings.


As a pet owner, you must have a clue on how to tell if your cat wants another cat. Check out for signs of stress, boredom, or anxiety. Before getting a new cat, you must consider your options like having enough space or if you can afford to keep it. And lastly, be aware of some signs to see if your cats are bonding well together.

A happy cat is usually a healthy cat. Continue to be responsible for the well-being of your cat or cats. If you can’t afford to get a second cat, you will need to provide enough human companionship with your cat to keep its spirits up and live a well-balanced life.

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